reverie 360° is a 3D virtual reality experience that transports you to an immersive underground rave.

Behind the scenes of the fantasy dragon film, "Fire of Man," starring Lance Reddick!

My debut single, “reverie” is now available on all major music platforms!

Check out some behind the scenes photos from my upcoming film, "Everfall."

My podcast, "Civil Discourse" is now streaming on Spotify!
CIVIL DISCOURSE is a podcast that brings mindfulness into our lives, culture and politics.
Also available on:

Selena Vidya and I spill all the beans about the future of "Trials of Ember" during this interview with AfterBuzz TV's Mini Spotlight.

Check out this exclusive sneak peek from the indie-film "chicken."

A couple plays a toxic game of chicken as they fight to save their fragile relationship.

CLICK HERE to check out my PermissionLESS interview about the future of “Trials of Ember” and the importance of being permissionless as a filmmaker.
PermissionLESS Spotlight: Jayme Wojciechowski

The very first TRIALS OF EMBER VR EXPERIENCE is here! Check out all the swordfights from STAGE ONE, plus an extra exclusive battle, in virtual reality!

Make sure to watch with a VR headset for the full 3D experience!!!
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